Arrowhead I-PCP

Brand: Weatherford
Product Code: Arrowhead I-PCP

Arrowhead I-PCP

Arrowhead I-PCP

The Arrowhead I-PCP uses patented technology to make insertable PCPs a practical and compact solution.

  • The rotor features a unique, arrowhead-shaped tip, which mates with a floating ring to create a no-go seat at the top of the insert assembly  When the arrowhead tip and the floating ring meet, the entire assembly can be removed from the well.
  • A shorter extension tube makes this assembly easier to handle and install, while improving the ability to flush sand and debris from the pump and intake.
  • When a flush is required, the arrowhead tip is positioned in an extension tube, between the stator and the floating ring. At this point, the rest of the rotor is temporarily extended into the production tubing.

-    Once the rotor is extended, fluid can be flushed around the rotor and through the stator.

  • Downhole monitoring equipment can remain in place during pump servicing.
  • Available for 2 7/8-, 3 1/2-, 4 1/2- and 5 1/2-in. tubing.




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