ONYX II Premium PDC Cutter

Brand: Schlumberger
Product Code: ONYX II Premium PDC Cutter
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ONYX II Premium PDC Cutter

Increase PDC bit performance in hard, abrasive formations


When the ONYX PDC cutter was introduced, its resistance to abrasive wear and thermal degradation significantly increased PDC bit performance in hard and abrasive formations. Pushing the limits of PDC bit performance still further would mean creating an entirely new cutter technology. After extensive dull bit analysis and the introduction of new materials and manufacturing processes, Smith Bits launched the ONYX II premium PDC cutter: capable of retaining its sharp edge longer.

Cut more footage with improved thermal stability

A continued investment in the most advanced component testing facilities by Schlumberger has resulted in an improved understanding of the fundamental cutter/rock interaction.

Using specialized laboratory equipment, our research and development engineers evaluated the new generation ONYX II cutter to measure it against the original ONYX shearing element. In a controlled laboratory comparison, ONYX II cut 20% more footage and maintained a significantly better dull condition when compared to the original ONYX cutter. These results clearly indicate improved thermal stability, enabling ONYX II to maintain its structural integrity and resist diamond spalling and chipping.

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