Brand: Schlumberger
Product Code: Petrel 2013


Optimize exploration and development operations

Petrel E&P Software Platform helps increase reservoir performance by improving asset team productivity. Geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers can develop collaborative workflows and integrate operations to streamline processes.

Petrel Geology and Geological Modeling

Obtain accurate, high-resolution geological models of reservoir structure and stratigraphy.

Classification & Estimation  |  Petrel Facies Modeling  |  Petrel Well Correlation  |  Petrel Surface Imaging  |  Petrel Structural and Fault Analysis |  Petrel Well Path Design  |  Data Analysis  |  Petrel Fracture Modeling  | Petrel Workflow Editor & Uncertainty & Optimization Process  |  Petrel Petrophysical Modeling

Petrel Geophysics

Perform rapid 2D and 3D seismic interpretation, fully integrated with geological and engineering tools.

Petrel Seismic Interpretation  |  Petrel Structural Interpretation  |  Prestack Seismic Interpretation  |  Structural and Fault Analysis  |  Petrel Seismic Volume Rendering & Extraction  |  Petrel Multitrace Attributes  |  Well Correlation  |  Petrel Seismic Well Tie  |  Petrel Domain Conversion  | Quantitative Interpretation  |  Data Analysis  |  Classification & Estimation  | Petrel Seismic Sampling  |  Petrel Surface Imaging  |  Petrel Well Path Design

Petrel Reservoir Engineering

With your reservoir model in place, use the Petrel simulation workflow to perform streamline simulation, reduce uncertainty and assist in future well planning.

Uncertainty Analysis & Optimization Workflow  |  Petrel Well Path Design  | Petrel Advanced Gridding & Upscaling  |  FrontSim  |  Petrel History Match Analysis  |  Petrel Reservoir Engineering Core  |  Complex Wells Workflow

Petrel Well Design

Well path design, drilling visualization, and real-time model updates

Petrel Well Path Design  |  Real-Time Data Link  |  Drilling Visualization  | Unconventional Field Development  |  Maximum Reservoir Contact

Petrel Reservoir Geomechanics

The Petrel platform affords 3D geomechanics modeling to assess potential for drilling risks, reduce non-productive time (NPT) and avoid unexpected problems or increased well costs.

Studio E&P Knowledge Environment

Studio improves Petrel users’ productivity with enhanced data access and point-to-point session sharing.

Studio—Find your Information  |  Studio—Collaborate with your Team  | Studio—Manage your Knowledge

Unify workflows for E&P teams-Eliminate the gaps in traditional systems that require handoffs from one technical domain to the next using Petrel model-centric workflows in a shared earth model. Manage risk and uncertainty-Easily test multiple scenarios, analyze risk and uncertainty, capture data relationships and parameters to perform rapid updates as new data arrives, and perform detailed simulation history matching. Enable knowledge management and best practices-Reduce workflow learning curves by capturing best practices via the Workflow Editor, providing quick access to preferred workflows and increasing ease of use through intuitive and repeatable workflows. Accelerate innovative software development-Seamlessly integrate your intellectual property into the Petrel workflow through the open Ocean framework. This environment leverages .NET tools and offers stable, user-friendly interfaces for efficient development, allowing focus on innovation rather than infrastructure.

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