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PCP’s are progressive cavity pumps, which consist of two key parts, the Stator and the Rotor. The stator remains stationary and the rotor rotates. The PCP is described as a gear pump with a single helical rotor, which rotates inside a double internal helical elastomer lined stator.

The stator is run into the well on the bottom of the production tubing, while the rotor is connected to the end of the rod string. As the PC pump operates, cavities formed between the stator and rotor move fluid upward in a continuous non-pulsating action from the intake to the discharge of the pump. Pressure builds linearly (in theory) from the inlet to the discharge of the pump providing the necessary lift to produce fluid to surface. The PCP delivers a constant flow that is proportional to the size of the cavity and rotational speed of the rotor.

The PCP system also offers the following key benefits:
- Ability to pump high viscosity fluids
- Ability to handle large sand concentrations
- Low internal shear rates
(limits fluid emulsification through agitation)
- Continuous power demand (prime mover capacity fully utilized)
- No valves or reciprocating parts to clog, gas lock or wear
- Tolerates high percentages of free gas
- Decreased capital and power cost
- Simple installation and operation
- Good abrasion resistance
- Limited noise levels
- Low maintenance

The PCP is able to produce in highly viscous sand laden oil, making it the primary artificial lift system for conventional heavy oil production around the world. There are approximately 60,000 PCP’s running worldwide, 65% of which are in Canada.

PCP’s are also utilized for producing medium to light oil, source water, dewatering coal bed methane CBM and conventional gas wells.

APC offers a wide range of downhole PCP’s to meet the customers needs. APC’s stators come from a manufactures with over 50 years of combined Oilfi eld PCP manufacturing history. Hundred’s of new elastomer formulations are tested yearly to increase run lives and has expanded the application envelope. The R&D programs’, manufacturing processes and innovation will allow APC to lead the industry.


APC’s offers the Evenwall or Spira constant thickness elastomer stators. The constant thickness elastomer provides the following benefits;

- Increased head pressure
- Reduced torque
- Reduced heating / better cooling
• Increased run life
• Increased performance in light oil or high temperature
- Wider range of application with fewer rotor sizes

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