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Reliable geological reservoir models are the foundation stones upon which optimal field development is built. 3D models provide vital information about hydrocarbons in place and how they can be produced. Roxar's modelling solutions are widely recognised as industry leading, providing tools you need to produce maximum performance from your reservoir, regardless of geology, location or complexity.

Roxar's integrated RMS™ solution can help accelerate the field development planning cycle by allowing multiple disciplines to work together on a common reservoir model in parallel. RMS breaks down the barriers between geoscientists and engineers resulting in better decisions through a shared understanding of the reservoir. Roxar's portfolio also includes FracPerm, an integrated, easy to use package which enables you to model the effect of fractures within the reservoir with quantification of risk, as a part of the standard reservoir modelling workflow.

Roxar's Reservoir Geology Solutions:

RMS Seismic Inversion

RMS Seismic Visualisation and Attributes

RMS Well Correlation

RMS Mapping

RMS Structural Modelling

RMS Petrophysical Modelling

RMSindicators - Indicator Facies Modelling

RMS Local Model Update

RMS Facies Modelling

RMS Fracture Modelling

RMS Uncertainty Management


Seismic-based stochastic inversion tool which through its highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface generates rock property models quickly and accurately.

RMS Mapping combines advanced and industry standard mapping algorithms. Integrated workflows allow geoscientists and engineers to build the structural framework for their field with confidence.

The RMS Structural Modelling solution provides new tools and workflows for getting from data to grid in the minimum number of steps without compromising the structural integrity of the model.

RMS offers a full suite of petrophysical modelling tools from 2D interpolation to 3D stochastic modelling conditioned to wells, facies and seismic data.

The RMS Local Model Update module allows for the local updating of the geological property model. The 3D grid can be locally adjusted to new wells without the need to rebuild the structural framework.

RMS Facies Modelling offers a range of methods for the modelling of geological facies, enabling the characterisation of all geological environments.

Roxar's RMSFracture software will help both general and specialist users gain insight into how their reservoir behaves with a tool that is fast enough and simple enough for fracture model updating to become as routine as updating the geological model.

RMS Uncertainty Management is integrated into the industry's leading 3D reservoir modelling solution, RMSTM, allowing risks to be assessed and decisions made using realistic 3D static and dynamic reservoir models.


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