Brand: Paradigm
Product Code: SeisEarth


Paradigm offers a comprehensive yet flexible seismic interpretation and visualization system for projects scaling from basin to prospect and reservoir, from exploration field to development field, and from a single user on a laptop to multi-disciplinary teams of geoscientists, petrophysicists and drilling engineers.

The system, SeisEarth®, is especially designed to handle very large 2D and 3D seismic surveys containing multiple well databases, through the use of efficient volume roaming, automatic picking, and high levels of interactivity.
A simple, intuitive user interface and a highly ergonomic design make SeisEarth easy to learn and even easier to use. Section, map and 3D views share the same data, and it is possible to select the best view for the task at hand. The interactivity and consistency of use between the main windows accelerate the interpretation process and enable interpreters to easily perform comprehensive analyses involving many datasets.

SeisEarth has been designed to work with modern workstations, in which high-speed 3D graphics (GPU), very large memory, and multiple CPUs are the norm. Advanced volume roaming and caching technologies feed data from disk, rather than storing it in computer memory. With today’s huge datasets, the volume roaming technique enables users to scan large amounts of data quickly and then load only the focus area into shared memory for active work. Alternatively, users may choose to load data into memory and work on all or part of the data.


Data sharing provides a framework for effective geoscience collaboration

Regional scale interpretation allows insights that are not possible from multiple separate surveys.

Advanced connectivity technologies enable access to seismic, interpretation and well data, as well as integration with modeling, pre-stack data and petrophysics.

User interface customization makes workflows more efficient with less button clicking

Computer assistance for repetitive tasks reduces fatigue, enhances productivity and decreases risk of injury.

Takes full advantage of the high-speed graphics, large memory, and fast connectivity of modern workstations, to enable the interpretation of large and numerous seismic surveys on a personal workstation.

Volume roaming allows interpretation of multi-attribute surveys larger than workstation memory.

Embedded well planning (Sysdrill Designer) enables quick and easy well planning by the geoscientist.


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