Brand: Paradigm
Product Code: StratEarth


Paradigm™ StratEarth® offers a suite of comprehensive tools for the correlation, interpretation, mapping, display and QC of seismic, geologic, production and reservoir modeling data in multiple 2D and 3D environments.
StratEarth leverages the flexibility of the Epos® infrastructure to rapidly access and combine well, seismic and other data from multiple repositories.  Direct links to Geolog®, the industry’s premier formation evaluation solution, simplifes the correlation and mapping workflow.  StratEarth shares the stratigraphic column used by the Paradigm SKUA® modeling technology, and has access to a variety of other Paradigm technologies that help constrain the geological model.


The integration of 2D and 3D seismic and geological data into a cross-section and well correlation view both validates and improves the quality of the subsurface model.

Automatic correlation and map making enhance productivity and usability.

Ability to capture uncertainty via multiple scenarios and interpret "fuzzy" well markers.

Quick detection of inconsistencies between seismic data, petrophysical data, well markers and geologic data improves the accuracy of reserve assessments, well positioning and well schematics.

The ability to display the flow simulation grid helps QC the coherency between the model and the rest of the available information.



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